Alpha Captive

cod. Alpha Captive  

First biner Sling lenght Second biner Weight
Captive 13 cm
18 cm
β 4.10 oz.

The new Grivel Captive carabiner is the anti cross-loading carabiner. Cross-loading happens when a carabiner is stressed on its minor axis. Carabiners are strongest when stressed on their major axis, directly in line, vertically, along the spine. When a carabiner is stressed on its minor axis it's generally one third as strong. The second difficulty happens when the carabiner "turns" on the rack and there is need of unlocking it as fast as possible. The third and final issue is when, in need of clipping the carabiner, it has turned around in the quickdraw making it impossible to clip in.
The new Grivel Captive solves all of these problems!

Captive: 49g – 1,7oz
Quickdraw Alpha Captive with 13 cm Wide sling: 115g - 4,1 oz
Quickdraw Alpha Captive with 18 cm Wide sling: 124g - 4,4 oz

Alpha Captive

  • Captive on Top
  • K1B on bottom
  • Grivel Wide Sling

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