Condor 3

cod. Condor 3  

Length Made from Weight Grip Up & Down Basket
84-135 18 - 16 Ergal 7075 15.7 oz. Condor Saturn basket

Condor: high performance dual-density grip.The yellow section to improve solidity and the black one for comfort and thermal insulation. Hot-forged steel blade with real teeth providing strong hold. No dangers with the blade in closed position. Possible to hold it along both the vertical part (for a strong traction) and the horizontal part for stronger support. During the descent the blade, facing the slope, allows to execute the self-arrest manoeuvre.The closed shape of the handle protects the hand in all situations, with the blade both open and closed, guaranteeing protection from shocks and abrasions and also thermal insulation from snow and cold surfaces 

Condor 3

  • Grivel Condor grip with an extractable hot drop forged ice axe blade to overcome difficult and dangerous situations.
  • 3 sections adjustable pole.
  • Removable strap.
  • Winter basket.

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